Thoughts to Piracy

Pirating is a very big problem at this very moment with the world advancing into a more futuristic point. Like Books, everything else is trying to have a go at the media from music to videos and also to video games. During class i have talked about something i saw online about how pirating old record disks.”

I think that this picture shows what we as humans do since the time that interesting things get places into the markets. We see something interesting that we like and we have to obtain it. One of the best ways to do that these days is to directly download everything we want.  One point that we had during class that really stood out to me was that we download everything we are interested in and when we like it, we then pay to obtain the real object. I find it fascinating that it is true. Everyone who listens or sees something that fit to their liking at our age would just download it and then after a period of time, if we are still addicted to that same thing, we would end up buying it just like the fans of music that spreads around the world these days.

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CB- History of Civilization

CD-Diplomatics, Archives, Seals



3 responses to “Thoughts to Piracy

  1. I agree with your post and was surprised with your link image. It was a really interesting picture that shows how people don’t really change. When I was a kid, I recorded songs with radio broadcasting and made a tape and listened and listened. Now, as you mentioned, we just download songs with whatever illegal or paid downloading. Technology makes it a lot easier to listen to music and keep songs. However, since most people download illegally, singers cannot make money as they did a decade ago-when they sold CDs and cassette tapes even though, actually, most people have their songs. I imagine that technology will develop as people actually scan someone’s brain, memory, and ideas. If we can do that, there will be another main social issue come out. I think before that (Although there wouldn’t happen that) we need to keep a manner in which people respect others idea and properties.

  2. I also agree with you both. Pirating is taking huge part of the world music industry. The image is very interesting which show how people make copy of audio truck to another. Back days people used to recorded song in those audio truck but now day the old audio recording translated into digital recording which includes DVD, mp3player, CDs, music video and others. Now day we listen a song if we like it we just download it and put into ours iTunes. However we not think about it illegal or legal to do it. We just think about ourselves “I want it I have to get it “. But we have respect those of who it belong to, whose who put their all hard work to created it. We all need to think about piracy and stare giving them whose who work hard to achieve it.

  3. Wow that picture is interesting, i cant believe they really did that. Yea I totally agree that piracy has become a huge problem. A lot of artist and musicians are loosing money because of privacy and plagiarism. Thats why copyright now is so important to have. People do download items first and then eventually buy it, but those are a certain few. Once someone downloads any song using limewire im pretty sure they wont waste money buying the whole album just because of one song. If people were just downloading to get a preview and then buying the item then download wouldnt be such a problem.

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