Blog Response 1

As a student in college, it is true that we don’t have all the time in the world to read a passage thoroughly enough in order to summarize up what we need in detail. Therefore the term “Be Ruthless” applies to us, yet compared to high school, we can remember that all we needed to do is look for specific words in a passage to give us an idea in what to write and read. Yet as time goes on, college changes that due to the requirement of more details and to be more careful about how we words things with the idea of plagiarism in mind. Since the passage wants us to determine from our own point of view “what are the best ways to read a passage and understand how to take what we need from it”, the best idea wouldn’t be to just skim or rush through anything.

As a college student even if what we read is boring, I find it required to make sure one does not let any part go cause details in a passage might just be what we need in order to understand what the stand point of the author would be. With experience, I have noticed that when reading something, there are multiple points of view when skipping certain parts of a passage. As long as we only look at a part of the passage that we read, we aren’t able to see the full view of what the author is trying to persuade us into understanding from his own point of view. Of course, if the material is in a great deal of need and has to be limited to time, it is normal to “Be Ruthless” and aim for certain parts, but in the end it might not get that reader to understand the full importance of what the author would want to display.

-Richard Chen


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