The Education for Hire

On page 10 of the Martin 7 reading, there is a box that consist of the ideas for knowledge which are very accurate on how we as students have to go through during our education. But one point stands out very much to me and it is:

“Scholarly openness and cooperation take second place to
the academic rat race and power struggle which involves
toadying, backstabbing, aggrandisement of resources and
suppression of dissidents”.

This part of the reading is very interesting because this topic involves not only the use of power struggling but also the idea of taking ones work as themselves and whats makes another person do it. The thought of scholarly information is a “rat race” tells me that even in writing daily information to writing a book we as students aren’t the only ones that have to follow the rules of plagiarism and for a writer one must always be careful of how they store their findings due the the idea of “backstabbing” your work might be lost.



One response to “The Education for Hire

  1. At First I was trying to figure out what your title Education for Hire actually mean but then it hint me! The struggle between education and society, yet we as society always perceive life to be a race or a “rat race” as you put it. We tend to make our papers or writing sound more complete by try to have the best paper to past the classes or trying to reach a goal that critic may like and etc. In many ways by doing so we find our self plagiarizing others instead of having an opinion of our own or even if we find a similar viewpoint as the writer we can really express it due to the fact that it says it all. Which in many cases it makes life hard for us because we need to research a certain aspect. I found your article very inserting the way you made your title say so much more and your words were on point, which made your post standout. Thank you for making me think and allow the viewers like myself to be spectacularly ( allow me to think outside the box).

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