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I have written many research papers during my college years in both Korea and the U.S. However, I didn’t know that research papers have strategies that make them better papers. Although I wasn’t aware of those writing techniques, I have actually received good grades on my previous papers. I think that the good results came because I found good research topics. I strongly believe that good research topics bring half of the work already done for you. Now, I have a topic that is related to researching strategies. I worried about the fact that my topic was in a question style, therefore I would have to derive some results and find answers of the question. I also have an uncertain feeling of my answers in my mind. It’s time to write the draft. However, before starting the research paper, I will find more detailed information that prove my answers against my question-like topic. I believe that I have a good topic and it will be of great help for my writing.

-Hyeongi Kim


One response to “Post Response

  1. Hyeongi, I’m glad to hear that you’ve been successful in writing research papers in other classes. I completely agree that coming up with a research question on a topic that is interesting to you makes working on the research and writing much easier. It’s good to hear that you’ve found a research topic that you enjoy.

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