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In class, we had numerous discussions on whether or not information found on the internet may be true. Most people utilize search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and AOL to find needed information. This is why i want to take the basic search engine bias to avoid retrieving wrong information. Nowadays, most search engines seem like they have what we want and need. In actuality, however, they offer information that they want to show. I am curious as to how the search engine bias works and want to find example about this case. I will also derive the topic: “How can we avoid the search engine bias and what do we need to know about it?”

-Hyeongi Kim


4 responses to “Research Paper Topic

  1. i too do agree with this post. As a alot of search engines have what they want to be shown, i too would like to know how does it come pick. And also i want to know that if what the search engine is truthful enough in providing the correct information. Or does it jus lay everything out in front of us and let us decide what the truth is from the false. but so far in my previous searches thats what i have found. You put in a topic or subject and whatever has something to do with the subject is put out there. This is then we take the next steps to find what it is that we need

  2. That is a very interesting topic. I would love to know how they pick what they show. Google trys to be this new hip company but are they witholding information from people? Who is telling them what they are allowed to show on searches. I have looked up some weird things on the internet, everyone has, and there are some very interesting sites that comes up. You can find anything online if you search hard enough. I have found videos online and text online that I thought id never get a hold of. If it has been written down or thought of it usually is on the internet. Its time to start organizing data on the internet like the organize a public library. A new system has to be developed.

  3. The internet is a very interesting “place”, everything is instant and on the tip of your fingers. We all use Google, its easy and convenient and yes, its not always accurate, you have to really dig through your search results to find exactly what your looking for. The way Google works, is through-what the public users of the internet put out there and what people are searching. Notice how when we search-we type half of the word and there is already a vertical line of suggestions, thats because a good majority of people have searched that as well. In reference to accurate information, the only hope we have is search engines that use the metadata format, ex(library catalogs, museum catalog, bookstores,etc).
    Google is taking the lead with its eyes closed, they dont have a metadata format which they should since everyone uses it. Besides that after their huge success with the G1 phones, Google is more popular then ever before.
    Check out how convincing this video is:

    Official T-Mobile G1 ad

    Everything is based on curiosity and for there to be curiosity someone must publish the information, thats how most search engines work.

    Most information if you want accuracy, definitely take a trip to the library or through more legit websites (university websites, etc), maybe they have conducted variety research on web engines. But if its something for fun in general, then “I think”, searching blogs is the best, see if people write about it. Read what people conclude and feel about a certain topic, they in fact do sum it up pretty well.

  4. This is a great topic, and I’m not surprised that it’s sparked lots of discussion here on our blog. We’ll touch on some of these issues in class in 2 weeks when we discuss evaluating information, but there is plenty to dig into here for further research.

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