What is Plagiarism?

Larry makes me rethink the issue of plagiarism. Is it plagiarism to use others’ contents and create completely different ideas? Indeed, there are so many remixed contents online as Larry introduces in his video. As a kid I don’t really feel it is just copied contents. I think it depends on how they use the recreated contents. If the contents are related to money, it would be troublesome unless the original author allows them to use his/her contents. As an architectural student, I learned “Imitation is mothers of creation” in my first year of lecture. There is a famous architect who created incredible architecture through copying from one of the most famous architect ‘Le Corbusier’. His name is Ando Tadao, a world famous Japanese architect. His style of architecture as like Le Corbusier and he said he was inspired by Le Corbusier’s work. However, he didn’t just copy from his, he also recreated Le Corbusier’s word to his word. As Larry mentioned, in early 20th century people existed as only readers; however, through the new technology, online and digital contents, people changed as creator and author. Digital media give public a chance to be a creator although people use others’ contents. I think it is time that people keep being reminded of what plagiarism is and people and law have to judge that points. Also, critical thought is important to keep others’ intellectual properties. People have to have a skill that which one took others’ idea, which one can be called as ‘Recreation’.

-Hyeongi Kim


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