The Factors Affect to the Production of Knowledge

According to Brian Martin’s 7, there are two main factors that affect the creation of knowledge and information: funding and disciplines. First funding is the obvious factor that is related to the production of knowledge and information. “Need create Goods”. As it says, people create something because they need it. And people spend money for what they need and it could be either goods or information. So then, most knowledge and money cannot be separated. The other factor, disciplines, is a category to divide information criteria. Some research can be useful and meaningful by themselves such as chemical engineering, computer science, and philosophy. And some other researches have to relate to other fields, for example, political science is related with history, philosophy, law, sociology, and anthropology. Also, disciplines is affected by fund, how much the knowledge reward.

In my opinion, the pure sciences tend to ignore since they are not directly related to rewards. Even though it is not making money in a shortened amount of time, the government needs to keep supporting the pure sciences because most efficient fields are created based on the pure sciences.

There is some issue that is related the article. A small Korean chemistry company invented an engine oil which can be used permanently and reduce the air pollution; however not many people used the engine oil because the knowledge doesn’t reward the fund to the mechanics and big oil companies. The big oil companies need to sell their goods and the mechanics need to make money fix the cars and change the oil. Indeed, many car owners go to mechanics to change engine oil and they check their car while they change the oil. This is a good example that the knowledge related to fund. Although the incredible new invention useful to save car owners money and reduce the air pollution, it was not useful for people who really sell and use it.

-Hyeongi Kim


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  1. I agree. There are many researchers out there that are credited through respect but not with highly prestigious awards. I mentioned in my recent blog response that funding for NASA’s constellation program has been put on hold due to a $3 billion budget. Now, $3 billion sounds like a huge amount BUT we spend more on advancement for the military then on new scientific discoveries. If this continues countries like Russia, Geneva, and India will advance in astronomical discoveries.
    And interesting article you’ve mentioned. In fact large companies cant stand competition from smaller ones, its the circle of life-car needs gas, car needs oil change, companies need to stay in business.
    In America recently due to all the global warming concerns, we were introduced to Hybrid cars-fuel efficient, environment friendly-but how many of us can actually afford such a car and match what we prefer? If we really want to stay in the business, every vehicle company should “wake up and smell the coffee”-consider bringing these prices down and make all cars hybrid, not only will we be saving the earth but were saving ourselves from air pollution (harmful toxins floating in the air which is one of the leading cause for respiratory infections and asthma). (Sorry for going digressing) My point being so-there are many important subjects that need more funding and more attention to!

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