I Wanna Have Critical Mind

As I mentioned before, today, there is much information, so it is not easy to research. Technology makes it a lot easier to find information but also we need to improve research skills and develop critical mind when we find information. Although we discussed about those issues, I still don’t know how to keep critical aspects in my mind. I am, sometimes, convinced by wrong information when I read tricky issues such as science, political, and or even entertainment gossip. Indeed, it is really hard to figure out which information is true or not. There are some issues about arguing about internet posts. A famous singer in South Korea graduated Stanford university with a nice grade in a short amoung of time–he finished his master and bachelor degree in 3years and half year but some online blog suspected his diploma of being false and the rumor that he didn’t actually graduated from Stanford University is spread out whole country. And many people started to believe the conspicuous (some people still don’t believe his diploma). And, now, both the singer and the bloggers are suing each other and Korean main broadcast company, MBC, made a documentary about  his issue and problem online posts. Through this issue, I was confused which one is truth and both side showed many documents and papers that support their own side that make people confused. And I want to build a critical view and know how to get critical mind.

-Hyeongi Kim


3 responses to “I Wanna Have Critical Mind

  1. In the past we use to have a lot of problems in finding information, with the past of the years and the development of technology, this process is easier since the internet has a lot of information. However we need to be aware of what we consider as accurate information. I also understand that we should be careful when we need information about science, politics, religion, etc; in this case I use internet and library resources to confirm such information. I definitely suggest and encourage everyone to look up for more analog or digital resources in order to obtain accurate information.

  2. As you mentioned the issues with finding accurate information-it follows the same concept of believing conspiracy theories or not. There is a batch full of information floating around the web but like you said not all information is true. Media does the same thing, they publish news that society wants to hear or what they want society to believe in. The answer to a critical mind, is being able to critically think hence we must all be open minded to every information we process. We must learn to see everything in two perspectives, only then can we make a conclusion on which we want to believe in. Although for research papers, this might be a little more difficult-but for now we can rely on scholarly sources (its better then nothing). Btw I enjoy reading your posts, specially how you relate most of them to Korea. 🙂

  3. Thanks for posting the link to that article, Hyeongi. I agree that it can be difficult to find the truth when there is so much information out there which is often at odds. But coming to the realization that we need to think critically about all information we encounter is the first step to take to get to the truth.

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