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Using scholarly sources brings many benefits to your research paper. We have an easy-pass to access those scholarly sources-the article databases in the library. Google scholarly is also one of the main scholarly sources which we can access easily. However, there are some drawback to using those relevant and smart sources. Although most scholarly sources contain right information and expert information, there is also a possibility that the scholarly source also contain their authors’ bias. Technology or science articles may represent facts; however, some articles which argue some common topics such as political or economic issues definitely contain authors’ thoughts and ideas. Since the scholarly sources sound like truth, it is easy to be convinced by those expert sources. Also, we have to avoid plagiarism when we use the scholarly sources. We have practice critical thinking when we read the scholarly sources. Scholarly sources won’t give you the truth every time.

-Hyeongi Kim


One response to “Research Blog Post

  1. I agreed with you there are problems as well as the benefits. Google scholar is one of great advance research stagey. I didn’t know about the Google scholars and Google advance research before we used in class. I think these two advance research are very helpful and it make the research lots easier and more organized. Also you could limit your research by the advance research bottom. Now days it’s impossible to find pure advantage because, there always some negative aspect of the advantage. We need to consider ourselves and try to get as much as benefits out of something. I agree with you that we need to think critically when we read scholarly journals.

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