My Topic

My Topic: what are some of the effects copyright has by being too restricted, and is it fair for society? The difficulties that I am encountering as I work on my research proposal are that I believe I might get lost in writing this paper. Which makes me feel that the really question is what am I trying to find out, and what are the key factors that I am trying to forces on that can bring my paper together and not all over the place. The strategies that I am using are trying to pick out key words for the topic. For example words like copyright and what does it mean, the effect showing the reader what are some of the good and the bad effects of copyright being restricted. The reason for it policy, why does society feel that it unfair; are we being selfish or are they (the owners) being selfish. Restrictions like a barriers and laws a list cases –going to court and etc. Mickey vs. Wire Magazines, Eldred vs. Ashcroft and etc. The questions that concerns me is how I can make my topic narrower and to the point without getting over the top and having words everywhere having my paper go down in flames.

Lynn Jean


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