what I Learned

In our last 3 classes I read Bake Chapter 5-7  and some other articles about wonderful ways on searching, advice on narrowing things, and databases that are used worldwide. Which makes life easier and obtainable to have access to.  I learn so many new things from the reading to just talking in class. One example is advanced internet searching – In class I learn to think outside the box: what comes to mind when searching?, what are some website that you use on a daily base?, and how to explore using these websites. I recently comment on one of by peers blog about Google which I found very unique – My peer wrote about using Google’s scholar and Google’s Books but what I really found interesting is Google’s Advance search button – when you type in a word you get over a billion searching on that word, but when you click the advance search button on that word you get about hundred searches; by using this button you able to narrow you search down making you cut out the time spend on search things that don’t have to do with you topic.

The second example is  searching library catalogs – In class we search the library database and type in Keywords that related to our research topic, by doing this the class was able to find books, electronic books, and other places that might have the book if our local library does not have it. The last example is searching articles database – In class, we look in the library search again and click on ‘find articles’ which help us find articles and scholarly articles on our research topics this help us in building our annotated bibliography.

I learn thorough out theses classes that space is the limit to searching information because information is not just a ton of works that is scatter in different areas, but it organizes in many catalogs. which makes life easier and helpful. I see myself using these new skills in everything I do especially for school in papers, reports, and etc.


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