Copyright is ” the exclusive right to make copies, license, and otherwise exploit a literary, musical, or artistic work, whether printed, audio, video, etc. works granted such right by law on or after January 1,1978, are protected for the lifetime of  the author or creator and for  a period of 50 years after his or he death.” – According to Dictionary.com. This qoute means that the word copyright when pulled apart copy given you legal docoment that is set in “stone” (a period of time) also the word right is the ablity to have, it your power allowing you to do it. The reason for picking copyright topic is the fact I became inspire by my class and peers; how in class discuss about copyright and one of my peers posed a question about referring to The Mickey Mouse law and it copyright. He said: “what if someone had a tattoo of  Mickey Mouse tattoo on their arm would they start giving summing about having their log on the person arm”. which inspire me to look farther in this topic and realizing how crazy society can be to even go that far to have a law in posed or copyright.  

– Lynn Jean


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