Improve our Tomorrow

Have you ever wonder where Web 2.0 came from! or what the purpose of It, will today is your lucky day! In Web 2.0 – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia talk about the history of Web 2.0 which happen to be establishment in the year 1999 by Darcy DiNucci, but It was not yet recognized until 2003. Many people wonder what is Web 2.0? According to the authors of Wikipedia, free encyclopedia – Web 2.0, They define Web 2.0 as ” It is a system that breaks with the models of centralized Web sites and moves the power of the Web/Internet to the desktop”. This quote means that the Web is consist of  a method that can be pull apart with mature applications that contains a lot of information send it through a collections of engines known as the World Wide Web (Internet) That one can find one there desktop.  Throughout this article I have learn so much about Web 2.0, and how it is designed as windows giving us a smooth  progresses of information in sharing, stability in organizing, entry as in journal, proving education easier to people who can’t do to school in classroom, businesses and etc. Web 2.0 have contribute to society in many way.  The only thing that can make Web 2.0 as a disturb issue is if people’s privacy are tempered with. In overall Web.2.0 have given us a glimpse of the future make the Internet a better device and is one of  the many aids to society.

-Lynn Jean


One response to “Improve our Tomorrow

  1. That is a great point, Lynn, that web 2.0 tools can be used in education. They’re helpful for anyone who wants to learn but can’t access a traditional educational setting, but also useful within schools (for example, our course blog).

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