Beyond the word

I found this article Plagiarism: a lie of the mind by Maurice Isserman to be very unique. Plagiarism is something that as little kids we never knew of until about three grade or as education went on. “Plagiarism was seen as a transgression against our common intellectual valves, carrying justifiably bad consequences for those guilty of practice”. This quote means that plagiarism is shame upon which is a bad thing and you should never do it. I found something that Ms. Isserman said ” usually, when we repeat what others have said or written before us, we don’t have the slightest notion that we’re doing so, nor do we have any idea to whom we are indebted for the words we recycle”. This quote I found it to be so deep, due the fact that we do recycle words, also try to take what authors saying in their text and put it in our own words, but we sometimes fail or just don’t quite get the word behind it.  In many way, due to the fact it the words are perfect  and there is no way explain fewer or our words are not quite put together to explain what the author means in our own understanding. Ms. Isserman goes beyond the point to even say that plagiarism is black and white, there is more means behind this word then meets the eyes or own understanding.

– Lynn Jean

Subject Headings:

K – Law in general. Comparative and uniform law. Jurisprudence

LB – Theory and practice of education

PE – English language


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