One Strategy, I’m using is 5.3.8 Retrace your steps by William B. Badke.  Mr. Badke talks about “Be prepared to go back and figure out what you did wrong or how you could get better results. look for “refine search” or “search again” options. Journal database searching often demands experimentation to find just the right combination of terms that will nail down what you are looking for.” What Mr. Badke is saying is to narrow things down, retract my steps in finding what I’m trying to look for, what I’m trying to learn from my topic and etc. The only difficulties that I’m having is that I can’t seem to find a topic question for my paper. My question is to broad: What is some effect  of copyright being too restricted and is it fair to society? I’m not sure how to narrow it down or may i should start all over. I look up keywords like restricted, society,fair, and copyright; all these words have giving me many search engines. The standard internet search I’m using is Google, Ask; which I found it to me very helpful in finding articles like  for example Court case sparks Issues of copyright Infringement by Joshua Kaufman.


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