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Research Journal Blog 2

Whenever I start to do research on anything I usually start by looking into Google with a basic searches. After I have collected all the information I can through the basic Google searches I start to look in library databases for anything I might have missed. The only reason I don’t start with libraries is because the Internet is a giant library. For my search I used Google and got a lot of good stuff. I only really god articles people have published or random sites by people in the industry. Not really any books on the subject itself. When I looked in the NYC Public Library’s database I got a lot of books and journals. I did get some video media from the library though. I still use the library sources because experts in the field, depending on what kind of book or topic it is, usually write them. Some of the words and phrases I used in my searches were; Copyright, Music Copyright, copyright infringement, musical copyright court cases, remixing, Sampling, remixing rules and regulations.