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Research Journal Post

The topic I chose for research as most know is- internet security/privacy. I chose this topic to become more aware on precautions we should all take when surfing the net stress free. While creating the brainstorming map in class, I realized this topic is far to broad and when narrowing it down, the lines of my map kept extending. There are several conflicts with internet usage, such as viruses, hackers, anti-virus protection programs,  information storage, advertisements, Google searches, Google maps, cookies, java-script, and of course the list goes on. They’re all relevant and they all should be addressed in my research but it seems writing aspect will be quite long. Internet security-in general, is an enormous amount to take in, there seems to be plenty of academic research, journals and articles on this subject and its quite difficult to decide which to use as reference. I do in fact feel that the topic chosen, is a bit to technological, and I might have to rethink this over a bit more.

Being so, the research I’ve done so far, seems to provide insightful tips on internet protetcion and did you know that there are actual laws that protects us on this issue?