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Class notes 9/28/10

In today’s class we discussed preservation.

What is preservation?

Preservation of paper objects:
• What’s more impt: object or content?
• Reproduction introduces errors
• Marginalia and “paratexts”: important?
• Who decides what to preserve?
• Digitization pros: access, search, fragility
• Digitization cons: errors, cost, format rot

Preservation of digital objects:
• Format lifespan: hardware, software
• Bigger issue w/born digital information
    – Produced in great volume
    – How to handle it?
• Managing access to and insuring the preservation of digital info are NOT the same
• Metadata is critical for findability

We also looked at the Google Books Library Project as a case study that exemplifies some of these issues: http://books.google.com/googlebooks/library.html