Process Documentation: A Voice

A few examples of process documentation is conducted through a wide variety of blogging, including videos and music, documenting a journey for a long or short length of time. The example I chose, is one that I have been familiar with and have fully supported for a while now, it’s a non-profit organization website called The Uncultured Project (,  a project created by a Notre Dam grad student who withdrew from grad school after an inspirational ceremony with speeches held by different scholars–focusing on global poverty. Among these scholars, economist Jeffrey Sachs, author of The End of Poverty was responsible for his unexpected, uncultured journey. This young man used his xbox 360 and halo savings and just WENT, to help victims in a third world country whom are fighting everyday to survive the quick sand of poverty. In the uncultured website he shares and documents his daily activities with photos of the project’s progression, struggles, difficulties, thoughts and ideas about other organizations. In his recent process documentation he discusses the struggles with his own financial expenses (since he doesn’t use donations) while intertwining them with other charity’s and competition.



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