Using blogging as a form of documentation

Besides blogging, writing, and doing minimal food photography – I also love cooking, trying new foods, and trying new restaurants. My hobby & passion is  food & cooking.I love experimenting, I love mixing ingredients and different foods. I love sharing my cooking for those who love cooking too and has interest. Cooking helps me be more open-minded, creative, and unleash  my passion and desire to create a new innovation. I document my cooking and passion by taking pictures of food I’ve made, ate or food that others have made. I share  and document my food,cooking, and restaurant experiences on my blog. I write to share my opinion, my feelings, but more importantly my experiences. I couldn’t find a better example than using my own documentation on my blog. My first very tutorial and documentation on my blog, is about making dumplings ( a traditional Chinese food).

A lot of people wondered how do I make dumplings from scratch and making dumplings is some thing I am good at. I’ve been making them since I was 17 or 18 years old. This is the first time I ever blogged and wrote so much about food in my blog. I wanted to be specific but also concise in my directions and pictures of how to make dumplings.  I feel that I did a great job with documenting on How to make dumplings and it’s an easy-to-follow documentation. A documentation on a process of how to make a product is important and should be as simplistic as possible because people may want to imitate or learn from what you’ve done. I think using photographs in a documentation is important because it allows readers to see something visual. Some people may be more visual than others and they may need an actual picture rather than words. If a foreigner was going through my blog but didn’t understand my words or English, pictures in this situation may be beneficial to him or her.

I knew beforehand that pictures were a form of documentation but didn’t know a blog was either . I do document and post up a lot of entries on my blog about the restaurants/food spots I’ve tried, a particular food I may have tired or made, and etc. Documentation is important because it records a process, a guide for people to follow. Documentation makes life slightly easier for us.

A Dumpling Entry
– Jessica Deng


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