Research Journal Post 11/9/2010

When I write papers in general I usually use an outline. I look through all my resources and organize all the information. After I feel that i am organized and have everything in order I start by just throwing down the info in order on page just to have it all on there. I start elaborating on some things and see what needs to be cited or not. Eventually I have a “rough” rough draft. I then go from there and have it just the facts proofed to make sure i am correct.  Then the next draft after that I have checked for spelling and grammar. The only thing that I don’t like is having a set due date on a rough draft. I feel that as long as it is checked over by people at some point before handing in the final draft then I would be set. I feel that I rush things just to meet the deadline.


4 responses to “Research Journal Post 11/9/2010

  1. I think that writing a outline is also one of the best ways to start a paper but i dont always end up using it because my style of writing is complete different. On this paper i find myself having a harder time because my style of writing is more of a fiction and a persuasive form of writing. The major difference in this is my style is really made-up and doesnt have anything to form a outline towards. While our research paper is very realistic and must use reliable sources. Like what we talked about in the class, i find it pretty hard to determine a source is reliable or not because even in the news today, there are writers who admit that they made a false story in order to be able to post something on time.

  2. I feel the same way–“I feel that I rush things just to meet the deadline”, and I do agree that keeping an outline definitely keeps you more organized. I normally use an outline and follow the outline before I start my research draft or final paper. For the upcoming research paper, I decided to use the brainstorming map we created in class, dissect the new information and start my draft. ^^rchen8277, I also agree that its difficult to evaluate accurate sources within a given amount of time. I had trouble with this, I actually found a source which I thought was “scholarly” and added it to my annotated bibliography, only to find out it wasn’t a scholarly source! Devastating! Good luck!

  3. I agree that outlining will help write research papers. As Bedki says, a good outline will build a stiff foundation that will support and backup your entire research paper. While doing the outline, you may discard some data that you have found and add more information. Hence the outline will drive you towards a strong paper with relevant data. We researched a lot of data through various ways — online, library databases. However, all of these relevant information may or may not support your specific research paper idea. I think creating an outline and finding information have to be done at the same time. We must not shake the basement we already built. In my case, a little information can change researchers’ minds.

  4. I agree with all the above that outlines are important in the process of writing a paper because it serves you as a guide to where to stick information, so to speak and after you’ve completed the outline, it’s pretty much an overview of key points you want to make sure you want to mention and an outline can always be subjected to change. Unfortunately, I haven’t made a full outline for my research paper but after conducting some research on my research topic but I have a pretty good idea of what to include and state. I understand that Deadlines are a “rush” but Deadlines are good because in a sense, they help us and prepare us to complete an assignment in an orderly and timely manner. If you can turn something in on a deadline, than it means you can follow directions and you’ve done what you were suppose to be doing or assigned. Deadlines helps enforce time management, at least that’s how I feel.

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