Ideas and Strategies

Before working on my first draft I will read through and analyze each resource and re-read through and evaluate to make sure they are what  is expected of the criteria for resources. I will write down a list of the topics covered in the articles As I read through the resources, I will take notes and write down my own analysis based on what I read.  After gathering my notes, I will organize it based on different aspects of my research paper and how each relates to another.

Before starting on the writing the first draft process, I think it’s important to create an outline. Use the outline as a guide and any headings that may be on it to help you. I will start with an introduction and introduce what blogging is and it’s impact on people today and introduce the fact that I am also a blogger.  We are suppose to come up with a research question for this research paper. To avoid problems of confusion in my paper and research, I think reading the question carefully and keep the question in front of myself as I write and refer to it often. I would try to write quickly, to keep the flow going. Just jot whatever comes to mind that’s related to the aspect.

As for other papers I’ve done in the class, I always write down the main topic or question at the top of my set of notes and although I’ve done reading on the topic already, I will do it for at least two more times. I took notes as I’ve read and if I didn’t understand a term, I would look up the definition. I would try to use personal experiences to relate to whatever the topic may be. One thing I learned from blogging on my own, blogging here for homework assignments and readings as well as writing for school papers is that you should write from your heart and express yourself in  your own way because it will help you to say what you mean more precisely. It would be easier for your reader to hear your voice and what you’re trying to convey.

My Questions about the Research Paper:

1. If we are interviewing someone in terms of collecting information for the research we are doing, do we have to state any background information on the person ?

2. Is there a limit to how many sources we can use for the research paper?

3. Are quotations from other sources allowed and do we have to cite them?

4. Are we allowed to introduce personal experiences into the research paper and how the research topic may relate to us as an individual and personally?

– Jessica Deng


One response to “Ideas and Strategies

  1. That’s a great strategy you outline, Jessica. Here are the answers to your questions:

    1. You don’t need to provide a lot of information on a person that you interview, just whatever is relevant to your paper. For example, if you interview a friend who is a blogger, you don’t need to mention that she likes sports (unless she writes a sports blog).

    2. You can use as many sources as you’d like for your paper, as long as you have at least 5 sources that meet the assignment requirements.

    3. You can use quotations from your sources and yes, you must cite them. Please be careful not to rely too much on quotes from your sources — I want to hear you in the paper, not just your sources.

    4. Yes, you can include personal experiences in your paper as long as they are relevant to your topic and help you answer your research question.

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