Research Skills

Badke’s tone adds a little excitement to research. I’ve learned about  online books and to search within a book. Google, Amazon and Microsoft’s Windows Live Search Book Publisher Program+offers search capabilities. Some offer free access to certain books, however, I’ve come into problems where a fee is involved and then I’ll research another service to find what I need.  Badke also writes about journal databases and how to maneuver around all of those.  EBSCO is my favorite.  My problem is narrowing down the subject and then finding a keyword to get me started. And Badke helped here by writing about the portals. Actually, I prefer that. Subjects are organized by the cite. Examples are:History on the Web and Biology Online and is an educational subject directory. The one we used in class – and refdesk are both reference sources I found usefull in my searches for the preservation of newspapers. All this is new to me and at least now I can use Badke for my Bible when I attempt to finish my B.S. degree.


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