New skills

In the past classes I have learned different skills to improve the way in which I used to do a research, for instance using the advance features in the internet have given me the option to narrow a specific topic or idea. In these couple weeks I also learned how to use library catalogs and how e- books can be useful and free sometimes. I also understand better how to use an article databases and it helped me to have a better understanding in the research process. I’m glad to know that after a few classes I have learned new skills in doing research,  and I’m pretty sure that such new skills will help me to improve in other classes and I’ll be able to find better and more narrow information for my projects.


One response to “New skills

  1. Hey, Sorry for the last minute Comment, How are you doing? Hope very fine. I really like you blog and how you find database so inserting, I believe that there are a wonder system for that help us find information quicker and with all the last stressful work in looking up research that are not valid to your work meaning the things that are not true vs. the things that are true. This class has inspire us to look beyond the point of views and question them, don’t just trust on what people are saying because any one can write anything and post it online. I’m glad that when you use the database you able to find so much making you research narrow as possible and straight to the point. Thank you for provide me with such great information also I wish you the best on your research project have fun.

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