What I’ve learned

As we’ve decided what our individual research topic proposals would be, we learned many strategies on how to search for readings on it. For example, my topic is: Blogging. I never knew we would learn about more research strategies that we’ve learned in the past three classes. While I was doing my research topic proposal, I only used Google. I never knew there was such thing as “Google Scholar” or “Google Advanced Search”. While I was trying these two new websites, I noticed I’ve received more results on Blogging than on Standard Google. There were scholarly articles, journals, news and personal blogs on Blogging.

I used and looked into two library catalogs. I used our own City Tech Library’s Catalog and Brooklyn Public Library Catalog.  I didn’t have an easy time finding books that were related to my topic. Most of the books were either guides on blogging which isnt’ quite what I’m looking for. I have been reading a book and there is one section of the book related to blogging and it explains some of the benefits of  blogging and what blogging really is. I think this will be helpful for my research. I’ve found a lot of articles on Blogging but not all were what I was looking for. When I did find the articles that were relevant, I read through the abstract of each and found it very helpful. I think using these two catalogs will help me find more accurate articles to help me with my research on Blogging.

I think in terms of other classes and looking for secondary sources, the library catalog will become handy and the use of scholarly articles would definitely be important when it comes to doing papers for my classes in my major. I’m glad I’ve learned these research strategies because they will help will further studies when it comes to research papers and class assignments.

– Jessica Deng


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