Research Materials

I have interesting materials for my paper on newspaper preservation. I received a book yesterday, which is an inter-library loan form Queens College, called, “Who wants yesterday’s papers?” It’s an edited book, on a collection of essays, on the research value of printed materials in the digital age. Also, I have two articles from my search on “Google Scholar”and more articles from a reference book, found in our library and two articles from newspaprers to help me write about newspaper preservation.  My research will try to answer the question, “What is the best strategy to use when preserving newspapers in digital format to ensure access for the general public?” 

There are many issues concerning preservation besides money and storage concerns. Copywrite concerns on a digital format also is something that concerns conservators. Although, I can not cover myriad details on preservation, to allow for an open public system, many pertinent issues have to be co-ordinated between funding sources, librarians, scholars and the needs of the public.


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