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I used Google Advance Search to start off looking for articles on newspaper preservation. Two articles from two different journals were exactly about my topic on newspaper preservation. Actually, the one article, ” Automatic page analysis for the creation of a digital library from newspaper archives” was written over my head. However, it discussed digital preservation concerning salvation of endangered material (paper) as well as a creation of digital library services that will allow full utilization of the archives by anyone interested. It went into detail about capturing the image and conversion to gray scale and every pixel has an approximation to text, title, pictures, lines and symbols. It discussed the technical difficulties of the layout of the newspaper format. It went into all kinds of detatiled information on building a suitable digital representation for the contents of the article. I certainly got what I asked for! But I don’t understand it. I’ll have to go the graphic art department and ask for translation.

The other article, “The Great Newspaper Caper: Backlash in the Digital Age” I could read with understanding. This article is more or less, what I wanted and it discussed problems with how newsprint was made and how it disintegrates, microfilming newspapers, nature of selection of materials to copy and preserve and how preservation has other priorites such as bibliographic control, access and other problems faced by the repositories holding newspapers. It discusses the cost and other practical issues that librarians must deal with.

When I googled using the advance search technique, I found more articles that I actually could use for my paper. I did compare this google search to my research using reference works available at our library and searching data bases such as JSTOR and Proquest. The Google search was faster and I found there was much less quess-work on my part as far as finding words to come up with in looking for newspaper preservation. Since I’m not familiar with my topic I can’t just bring words up I can use to start my search, such as: digital preservation, retro-conversion-newspapers – page segmentation-identification and reconstruction-conservators, etc. After only reading a few articles did I realize that these articles contain meta data in their abstracts to help me with my search effort.


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