Using strategy

I used Google Scholar as a searching strategy. I found this particular site to be helpful and useful. However, there were a few documents that seemed interesting but unfortunately required a payment or registration. There were other articles and links where I was able to view but were not relevant to my Research topic. I found many sources while using standard Google and read through a few. Google Scholar has more technical articles, whereas standard Google is a bit more cluttered and less organized. Standard Google wasn’t as technical or written in a business or academic matter.

– Jessica Deng


2 responses to “Using strategy

  1. I used Google and definitely I think that when you want to find a article or a book, a lot of results come on the screen and most of them are not relevant to the research. It’s difficult to do an accurate research if you don’t use the correct technique, or provably if you don’t pay or register to the website; honestly I haven’t find the correct information for my research. During this week I’ll try to use more Google books or other websites or other electronic source since it would help me saving some time. I’ll try to use Google Scholar and other suggestions.

  2. I used google scholar as well, it was very helpful with my research topic. It gave many PDF articles and like you said it was more organized then normal google. But standard google I find it more useful to my topic even though its not organized. Standard google gives me more references then scholar. I havent tried google books yet, lets see if it helps with my research topic.

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