Proposal for Research Paper

My research paper will be on preservation of newspapers in a digitized format. I will be trying to find out: ” What is the best strategy to use when deciding what newspapers will be preserved in digital format?” Who decides on the selection of the material? What organizational structure is used to scan newspapers? Does a newspaper format present a problem in itself? The first part of the paper I will write on the technical difficulties of creating an accurate digital representation of the papers, storage concerns.

The second part of the paper I would like to write about:” How does one access the written material in these newspapers?” How does one select, capture, catalog and archive in a streamline fashion? How is metadata used in the cataloging process? Who selects the meta data? Is it a librarian or is it a computer?
I will structure my paper by trying to answer many questions concerning the process of copying the printed word into a digital format. And the second half of the paper will be on how to capture and retrieve the material on newspapers.


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