Strategies and Difficulties

As most of you know my topic for the research project proposal is: Blogging. There are a lot of factors involved with Blogging, what it is, how is it created, who reads them, the positive and negative aspects of blogging, and, etc.  While considering all the positive effects and negative effects that blogging may or may not cause; I am most interested in if people know what the positive effects and negative effects are to blogging,would they still be interested in continuing blogging.

So far, I haven’t had much difficulties in researching for my topic and I am currently reading a great book called “Will Write For Food – The Complete Guide to Writing, Cookbooks, Blogs, Reviews, Memoir, and More.” by Dianne Jacob. I am currently in the middle of Chapter 4 which is called “Get Published with a Food Blog” and so far this chapter is discussing the basis of beginning a blog of your own, what it should be, developing your voice, how good photos increase your views, going from blog to book and etc. I didn’t purchase this intriguing book because I love food in general but I also love blogging and writing, so a book about blogging, writing and food is very beneficial and I think I will be using this book as one of my sources.

In terms of strategies since blogging is a topic I am very interested in and involved as well, I started to look at examples of blogs such as: Dianne Jacob’s Blog or someone we’re probably all familiar with: Martha Stewart.  As a way to learn more about the mind of a blogger I am considering in interviewing any active blogger  that I am friends with and ask them questions about blogging and see what if maybe their reactions or feelings are the same as I. I think researching on any past cases or reports on blogging may be a great way to define the effects of blogging. I also  believe that by sharing my own personal feelings on blogging may be good resourcefulness towards the research project. I think my only question would be if it will be a problem if I used the book I listed on this entry as part of my resources.


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