Managing Media

The gigantic information collected by the people that visit and work in the Dallas Museum of Art, contributed to have large collections of pictures, music, videos, etc. The people in the museum had problems finding the accurate data that a person needs, for this reason the directors hire a software company that can create a system that help to search the adequate information digitally since they had to do all this process with analog records.  DAM (digital asset management) contributed with the process of managing data, and reproducing such data. This entire process is not easy since the analog information has to be process and safe in formats that any person can have access to such information.


One response to “Managing Media

  1. I also had the same problem when I searched for data in the library. As the professor said before in class, the library searching program is different from the online serach engines such as Google, Yahoo, Yippy, etc. All search engines are set up to enable searching by topic or words. However, the library search engine needs the exact same tpying of titles, authors, publications, or ISBN codes. SOmetimes, we research without any information about those books or media data, Therefore, we cannot find acurate information easily. This is my way of finding data at the library. First, I collect data via online to find some books. Then I read the appendix or index to figure out whether or not I am on the right track. I think books are more helpful and accurate when writing research papers. If we find accurate books, it can make you write research baby easily and struggle less with bibliology

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