Storage and Access Management

Managing content in a rich media world by Dan Goodin, brought up many positive points concerning the vast storage of all sorts of media – print, images, audio, video etc. Companies are created, to not only store the vast data, but to manage it and disperse it. This presents some challenge.
Technical experts have to scan material, reproduce it in another format accessible on various servers and browsers. Metadata has to be created to organize all the material so people can find the data that they are looking for. Storage systems or repositories for all this data need a location for a home base. Trained individuals or computers have to select the multimedia, digitize the content, catalog it in an organized and findable fashion and transform all this in a language computers can read and regurgitate it at the press of a few buttons on more than a few computers.
This is alot of time consuming work that requires computer technicians, librarians, experts and professionals in many fields to certify authenticity of data, maintain security systems set in place, not only to protect the data imput but to prevent changes and corruption of data.
It certainly is a growing industry and our economy certainly could use a million new jobs to digitize, store and disseminate trillions of bites of data on images, print, video, film, DVDs, cassettes, recorded sound and all sorts of multimedia.


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