More on knowledge

I think that it is obvious in my previous posting why I am interested in critical thinking. However, we were asked to indicate the following:
1. Why am I interested in the subject?
I believe that too many people respond like sheep and follow/believe whatever they’re told. I wonder what can be done to get more individuals to think.
2. I would like to know why so many people are so gullible.


One response to “More on knowledge

  1. I really like you blog post, you sound like being obvious is a bad thing, by posing a question of fondness, you are open to new ideas of thought, and those though become action. To answer your question first question: 1. why am I interested in the subject ? – the reason is to let reader know who you. To your answer that “we respond like sheep”, the reason for that is some of us don’t take the lead, we rely on what on other people’s ideas. which are like barriers to our brain. In many cases that why professors learn to let students chosen their own topic as long it relate to the course and what have been discuss in class, for they know we are the future of tomorrow the leaders from the time we walk through the doors till the time we graduate. Their job is to inspire us to be specula to many things, be creative which is the key to inspiration of new changes to a better society impacting it for the good and not negative. To your second question of why people are so gullible? Let define gullible: easily deceived or easily cheated or fooled. I believe the reason for this is that we as society fail to question why this is that, and what the reason for picking this. That the reason my we are so gullible in a sense. That is a good question. Thank you, your blog is very inspiring and wonderful, thank you for making me think outside the box. 

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