Research Journal Blog Post 1

I really liked the discussions on copyrights in different industries. It is a huge deal in the television and music realms. It is a huge part of my life being in the music industry. It’s all about royalties these days! I am an electronic music producer and DJ and musician. I use samples everyday. A lot of the samples I create myself but many samples come from stuff others have played or created. Now I could take those samples and chop them up and put effects and filters on them and they would sound nothing like the original. Now is that mine? Do I owe the person who made the original money? Are musicians committing musical plagiarism? You can only play a grouping and patterns of notes so many ways. I would like to do research on musical copyrights. I feel there is a lot more to it these days because we are so digital.

Subject Headings:

M – Music

K1411-1485 – Copyright


4 responses to “Research Journal Blog Post 1

  1. Copyright and fair use issues around sampling in music are very interesting, I agree. On Thursday October 21st at club hours (during Open Access Week) the library will screen a film called Rip: A Remix Manifesto that tackles some of these issues and might be a good source of information on your topic. (I’ll announce it in class that week, too.)

  2. Great! When you have a chance, can you post the names of the videos? I might include them in future semesters. Thanks!

    • Yea I actually have them all on my computer, I can give them all to you in class tomorrow. I have a bunch of good sites on all this stuff too. I used to belong to ASCAP so I sorta understand the world of copyrights and the rights of musicians and composers.

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