In the article Isserman states “if we are all guilty of straying into that gray area of unintentional plagiarism, haven’t we forfeited the right to judge others, including those whose plagiarism may have been more purposeful?  I disagree with this. People who plagiarize and make money from it should be held accountable for their actions.  We all plagiarize in some way everyday. It is hard not to.  Most of the time it is not intentional either.  I do agree though with his statement “What we do is teach students to develop their own voices and establish ownership of the words they use. And, if and when we in higher education stop doing that, we have pretty well abandoned our justification for existence.” I totally agree once students can think for themselves and own up to it, then the teachers’ job is complete. Then the students become the teachers and it is just a cycle. All we can ask for is for when people speak their minds that it is really their own.


2 responses to “Plagiarism

  1. Agreed. The best way to do that, is through discussion and debates, thats the only way students will be able to exercise their thoughts and therefore they will be able to provide better research on paper and develop new ideas towards the specific subject-more on the plate then those who are copying and not trying to see the facts in a different perspective. I think the conflicts students face most when writing- is starting, ending, or polishing an essay. All the thoughts are scattered and while researching some sentences seem perfect for paraphrasing, because as we discussed in class-what if I feel or think the same way? The brain creates a restriction on any other way to think about that specific sentence you are so dieing to use. And I agree-most of it is unintentional, but at the end of the day when you don’t plagiarize, it feels good to know that every word is your own. 😉

  2. i for one definally agree with you a hundred percent . plagarism is certainly one way in which students find a way to develop their own voice. and eventhough plagarism isnt a option of choice it does happen mistakenly. alot of people have the same views when it comes to certain topics which causes alot of what we say to come out almost exactly the same. but once you have found your own creative edge you will then be able to write in a comfortable manor

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