Plagiarism is defined as a transgression against our common intellectual values, carrying negative consequences for those who perform such bad action. Legally and educationally it could have negative consequences, since Plagiarism is consider a fraud. This theme is completely delicate since it has to concern with the ideas, words, proclamations, inspirations, etc, for these reasons and for our own intellectual convenience everyone should respect other people’s works or at least give some recognition of the people who wrote something. I think that schools, college or any type of institution has to clarify and explain the consequences of plagiarism, in order to create more conscience in people’s minds.


One response to “Plagiarism

  1. Although this blog post seems kind of short-written I do agree with what you have to say on plagiarism and how schools,college or any type of institution has to elaborate the consequences of plagiarism so people are more aware. Sometimes professors or any kind of instructor don’t always stress enough the importance of citation and paraphrasing therefore, sometimes student often plagiarize. I think plagiarism is wrong and that in order for it to be taken more seriously professors should be more serious about it.

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