Wikipedia and Web 2.0

The new age encyclopedia – Wikipedia! I love it. Encyclopedias are produced by experts in all fields. Everything imaginable can be explained in a more than introductory fashion with the use of an encyclopedia. Years ago an encyclopedia and its contents consisted of volumes of information from A – Z. What was written by the “experts” never changed. Today everyone and anyone can add additional information and clarify new meanings to a word or other general information in perspective categories. With Wikipedia anyone can write, as well as edit an article , word or general information on a subject.. With our new encyclopedia – Wikipedia anyone can actually edit information. If a large group of people agree on a change – you’ll find that information sticks! Wikipedia definitions change as our culture changes, as our people change and add new meanings to past, so-called “facts.” Life is full of changes. Information changes. Wikipedia allows for changes and evolves just like everything else. It’s a good thing!

Apparantly, there are gatekeepers in this system and I agree with many, there has to be a system where someone edits material so definitions and explanations of subject material does not allow for rampant, wanton, and  erractic wording to define and cement a meaning to a word or a particular subject matter.


2 responses to “Wikipedia and Web 2.0

  1. I get lost in all this. I navigate out of this site or for that matter on this site and its like a maze, with my fingers leading the way, to get back to where I started. Today, Sunday 26 Sep, I am planning to catch up on all my assignments; and not to fall behind again. I finished the reading material for next week and now I’ll start writing two more blogs on our assignments. I’m annoyed at myself for falling behind. Here it goes….to be continued. CK I’m looking forward for that “Bloody Mary.” A note to myself…CK

  2. I really like the way you start your blog with excitement and the way you fond Wikipedia and Web 2.0. l also like the way that you put explain Wikipedia has a tool that is created by expert, that have done research but yet there work can be edit and change, only if the editor agree with the edit and changes. I found your article very interesting especially how you but certain word in quotation marks, making people think beyond the box. Also the way you related you’re work to the class discussion about gate keeper and how they are still here today just with different names. Thank you for your wonderful pieces on Wikipedia and Web 2.0, you have really opened my eyes to door of think outside the boxes and a new point of view.

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