Readign Response – Web 2.0

With the development of web 2.0 you see a huge rise in social networking sites. Facebook and Myspace have grown so huge that I feel like they are a little out of control.  When Facebook first came out it was great, Nice and simple, easy for people to use.  It was right to the point.  Now it is flooded with advertisements and stupid games and some just really dumb fan pages.  I can see why there are advertisements, they help pay for everything, but where is the limit. All these games that people have created are pointless.  I don’t understand why grown adults are so into Farmville. It is a waste of time in my eyes. These games were all developed by just everyday people.  Without Web 2.0 those people wouldn’t have been able to develop something so simple that everyone would be able to see. I like simple straightforward web pages.  Some pages are very creative and well put together but can just be too much.  Pages like wikipedia are nice when the information you are reading is correct but there is really not that much fact-checking going on.  When you do find something though it can be really useful info.


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