Wikipedia and it’s charms

Wikipedia has become one of the most incredible thing created. It was interesting to read an article on Wikipedia because I am a frequent user of Wikipedia and have been for the past 3-5 years.  Wikipedia can sometimes be interesting, informative, controversial, surprising, and more so easily accessible. Nowadays people are using Wikipedia more than Amazon or Ebay.  Nicholas Baker said, “It has 2.2 million articles.” Most of us use Google as a search engine and when we are searching for a topic, very often the first hit we’ll get is Wikipedia.

There are many websites set and social networking sites up but they have  a less addictive component. The article also provides information on how to become one of the several thousand  whose words will be live on Wikipedia. Wikipedia and the information you may find on Wikipedia may not always be accurate or may even seem to be too good to be true because this may one of the only websites, you’ll ever come across that will have all the information you’re looking for. I am glad that there is another kind of reference out there because I often use Wikipedia for research.

– Jessica Deng


One response to “Wikipedia and it’s charms

  1. Good point, Jessica, about using Wikipedia to find other references — I do that often, too.

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