The charms of Wikipedia

I read this piece with great interest because I am a frequent user of Wikipedia and, as such, I have encountered instances of “vandalism”. To be honest, Some of these entries  can be quite funny, but they also highlight the fact that the medium cannot be fully trusted because anyone can post content and, as we know, not everyone has the best intentions.   This poses a very real danger that one may “research” a topic and gather “information” that one believes to be factual, when, in fact, it may be slanderous, extremely biased, or just false.

Wikipedia is easy to use and a source of   information on, practically, everything.  It is an ” experiment” that enables us to get a look at the possibilities for cooperation among people all over the world who can share their expertise on any subject with the rest of us. It allows us to explore the serious and the banal and to have all this data at our fingertips at all times.


One response to “The charms of Wikipedia

  1. I agree, I think that on balance Wikipedia is a great resource, but it also needs to be approached with skepticism.

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