Comments on Past Assignment – Malitz vs. Elton

Media in the new “digitalized world” is changing with the old guard scramming to catch up with teens, no less, in the 21st century. In two of the articles I read – one by Malitz and the other by Elton, each with oppossing views on the take-off of the digital era, left me wondering who’s going to be left behind or if there’s room for the old guard in a new dimension.

Malitz writes on how bands and the music industry cut out the “old guard” or middlemen and how these rock bands are not only creating new music but found the digitalized version of producing, marketing and distributing their own records to be a money making enterprise for themselves. Malitz writes that the bands can make more money and the consumers can spend less, listening to their favorite songs by a few strokes on their computer or cell phone. Our new digitalized media is profitable, quick and easy and most important its what people want and are looking for.

On the other hand, Elton writes that without the
“Big Label” recording industry, song writers, musicians and other artists get lost in the shuffle of the digitalized medium and won’t make a fraction of their due income.

Both authors – Malitz and Elton made a point to dwell on. Musicians are one creative entity and producing, marketing and distributing music is another aspect of the entertainment business. However, with technology advancing at exponential speed and young people in elementary school using it as an added appendage my guess is that Radiohead is on the fast track!

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One response to “Comments on Past Assignment – Malitz vs. Elton

  1. I agree, Colleen — I think that both authors make good points, and I’m not certain that there’s a clear path forward for the music industry. It’ll be interesting to see how things develop.

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