digital media

In the past 40 years pop music has been changed lots. Stereo analogue tape recorders have been replaced by digital multitrack machines with far superior audio specifications, operational characteristics and editing facilities. The old audio and video recoding studio has been replaced by the digital mix track.  The use of the new technology reflected the music industry diametrically.

How ever the changes in digital media have influence the music industry negatives, and positives way. Some positive effect is that, before the sound quality wasn’t so good but the digital recording systems improve the sound which have result in some of the most important changed in the music industry. Now day we not have to wait for an album to come out, we could find any songs in YouTube. We could download any song any time or listen to it and the way the artist representing the music. Some negative are that there are so many music out there it very hard to find the good one. the major disadvantage in the digital media have on music is music priority and privacy.

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