Producers of Digital Media

Pavlik’s piece  raised a number of issues around the use of  “independent videographers” by the  professional news organizations. By “deputizing” these “citizen journalists” the news organizations are able to cut back on their staff and still get  up-to-date and “live” feeds of events as they unfold.  However, the quality, accuracy  and impartiality of the reporting can be compromised because these “citizen journalists” have not been trained to follow the tenets of responsible journalism.

Pavlik also talks of the unfiltered content on the internet and how quite a few of the people who post material on the web are exhibitionists. I often wonder  why some people feel the need to share even the most mundane activities in their lives with the whole world. Yet, some postings can be quite interesting and informative, as average citizens can produce video tours of their neighborhoods, cultural traditions, etc.  Thereby, providing useful information and demystifying some areas that may not be explored otherwise.

Again, technological advances allow anyone with a cell phone camera to record the events around him ( video & sound) and to post it on the internet, where it will remain in perpetuity, for everyone to see.  While this may allow us to become better informed about a variety of issues and events, it may also force us to modify our behavior to be more careful  ( read: less genuine and free) about what we do in public, or even in the company of “friends” , because we can’t trust that what we say or do will not come back to embarrass us in the future. Quite a sobering thought!


2 responses to “Producers of Digital Media

  1. I agree that with new and accessible technology, more and more citizens are posting more information the internet every day. I also agree that most of these materials doesn’t have a professional quality as a professional journalist would have, but I think that the intentions of contributing with more information is what matters and at the end you are the one who choose what to believe is true or not. I personally like and enjoy the opportunity that we have to publish what we want in the internet and yes it’s true that most of the material is not supervise or revise, but once again it’s your decision to believe or not.

  2. What will haunt more than a few individuals is what one says can be misconstrued and taken out of context to suit the eyes and ears of any reader.

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