Media in the Digital Age

In Media in the Digital Age written by John Pavlik, digital media is analyzed more in depth. The author points out that the print media such as magazines and books were commonly distributed as forms of communication. However, due to the introduction of the World Wide Web there has been a particular change in the way information has been spread. In previous readings of Research strategies: Finding your way through the information fog written by Badke, the printing press was said to modify the way information was spread. In comparison, the WWW and cable television has also done the same for us, by making information easier for people to get to. We can focus more in topics that interest us and find others who share the same interest. The author also writes that the quality of sources that news organizations use has changed because amateur’s photographs or videos are used to cover their stories. Blogs, audio content, podcasts, fan short films and youtube videos have changed the way we can express our freedom of speech and get information across. A question that comes to mind might be if the information that is getting across through these mediums is useful? I would like to think that we could use these new ways of communicating to good use for reliable information.



One response to “Media in the Digital Age

  1. That’s a good question, William. I would say that there’s definitely lots of great and useful information out there and the internet has made it easier to create and share.

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