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Digital technologies have introduced us to a whole new realm of production, journalism and source of entertainment-in which generous amounts are actually “unfiltered content“. In Pavlik’s exerpt Producers of Digital Media, Pavlik stress-that anyone can produce any form of digital media, such as audio, digital photographs and video. In the field of audio-anyone can produce their own full length songs and upload them as pod casts,  on their own website or even on itunes. Digital photographs- digital photographs can be done by literally anyone who owns a camera phone-examples of amature photography as Pavlik mentions are, the “London subway bombing and the Asian tsunami” (p80). And for amature photographers with nikons, designers and artists- Flickr is our best resource to upload, share  and get critiqued on the work we present with people around the world.

The last field is video. Videos taken by amatures which eventually-makes its way from mobile to mobile and later on the news, being so even the news have made its way to becoming viral on the web lately. Whether its Michael Richants racist remark sent to TMZ, Saddam Hussein’s execution, BBC News weather men  sticking his middle finger on live tv, or the latest video of Antoine Dodson’s now famous rant “You better hide your kids, hide your wife, cause they raping everybody here in Alabama“-(this video went viral within 24 hours), it doesn’t take professionals to film and upload. Yahoo has actually created a website called for these categories of videos.

I found the following most intriguing- its another form of publishing video content on the web by creating fan videos-in which dedicated fans create their own parodies of their favorite shows or film. Although these fans are not traditional filmmakers, they are able to use digital technology to create accurate imitations of the setting, look-alike actors to play the role and add special effects. A popular fan series out there right now would be Star Trek. As a long time Star Trek fan, I wasn’t quite aware that there was something like this out there. I wonder if there’s anything like this for LOST fans?


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  1. There are lots of different fan videos and writing out there, and I’m sure you can find some created by Lost fans.

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