What do record labels do now?

The music business and the record label is an ever-growing business that will continue to excel in the economy.  One successful band named Arcade fire has been working with a record company called Merge Records which is an independent label from North Carolina. This record company was started from musicians Mac McCaughan and Laura Balance, in the year 1989.  Arcade Fire’s previous two albums have skyrocketed  or almost skyrocketed and in their third album “The Suburbs” is expected to amount to  the same or even better level.

This article discusses a lot about about the music and recording business which I know nothing about. I did learn about that the difference between a major and indie labels is that now it has less to do with aesthetics than with the way the bands may conceive of their careers. However, as technology is advancing many music and songs are available on websites for download and Itunes.  As the number of people download music through the internet and Itunes, the number of record labels and albums decrease. The decrease will greatly affect the economy as well as major record labels.

– Jessica Deng


One response to “What do record labels do now?

  1. I have found your blog to the point on what do record labler do now? I like the way you narrow this article, down gasping the information with out going to far in to details. I all so like the way you explain how iTunes in to play causing record company to loss there bussines due to the fact that Itunies can dowload muisc . Do you think that itunies should be band or made companies should charge a 25 cents for each dowload, surly business would be still in secession and profit would be place.

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