Secure Contents

Today most people in the world listen to music through mp3 files with mp3 players. It is easy to see people listening to music with mp3 players on trains, in the streets, and even in restaurants. The music industry, however, is experiencing decreases in revenue since everybody downloads mp3 files via private sites and blogs. Now, it is not hard to download free mp3 files. Actually, I have not bought any music albums since the purchase of my mp3 players. No one wants to buy music albums if they know where they can download free mp3 files. Although the company and police try to catch illegal providers and downloaders, they won’t be able to stop illegal downloads. Unfortunately, I don’t think people will change their minds until they have to do so. They will try to find another way to keep their own priority and contents. In Korea, most people have their own homepage that is similar to Face book. It is called Cyworld. Record companies and Cyworld have made a contract to allow people to decorate their homepage using music. However, people cannot put music through mp3 files. People have to buy the company’s files itself and pay for the music. Cyworld intern pays the record companies. Now, the record companies are trying to claim restaurants, coffee shops, and retail shops to use their paid programs. The Internet and computer technology have developed rapidly over the past 30 years. However, people’s attitudes cannot follow the speed of the developing music technology. Technology is trying to find a way to keep its contents. The extra technology to secure their contents will continue to be more developed until people respect others’ own contents such as music, movies, or books.

One of the worst case about illegal downloading,Unfinished X-Men Movie a Hit On BitTorrent.

-Hyeongi Kim


3 responses to “Secure Contents

  1. There are so many sites online now where you can download albums for free. Most bands these days are starting to “tape” their live performances and have them mixed and ready to take home with the fan right after the show. This has become more and more popular in the jam band scene. I have been collecting music for a long time especially live music. Hearing the live shows is great. It gives me a chance to listen to some bands before i go and see them. It also gives you the ability to re-listen to a show if it had a great version of a song you like or a show that was just great all around. This is a powerful tool for marketing yourself. There is a site online called Live Music Archive ( which is an online database of thousands of bands live shows. Most of the recordings are recorded by tapers in the crowd with professional equipment. Some are SBD or soundboard quality which are recorded directly from a feed from the soundboard itself. I love being able to listen back to shows. I lets me re-live the experience all over again! I pride on the fact that I have every show from the band Phish from the years 97-2010. They have been touring since the 1980’s. I have a lot of shows from before 1997 but there are so many show that I ran out of space on my multiple hard drives. Now the band releases the soundboard copies of the shows right after the show online and make everything digital. They release in multiple formats including MP3 but most collectors don’t like the sound quality. I try not to have MP3’s because of the sound quality but most everyday listeners cant hear the difference.

    – Chris Bargy

  2. i agree with you as well on this post. because one thing for sure is no one really buys albums any more. Mp3s, ipods, zunes and all the others have become the new source for music listeners. being caught outside with a cd player is almost a crime in our day n age lol. and with that less and less cds get sold leaving record labels to just sit and watch there buisness pretty much fold over and crumble in front of their eyes. Especially since the birth of the free music download places such as limewire, frost wire and etc there is no need to buy a album. But i can give record labels some credit in saying that as the record sales decreased so ahas the number of songs they release on an album. before albums had up to as many as 20 songs on it. now the average album only holds about 13. so in some sense record labels have gotten just a little bit wiser

  3. Downloading and album for free these day are more common then actually buying it. Media engines like limewire allow us to get access to any songs we want. But not everyone downloads music for free. People pay for their music on itunes or actually buy the album. But people rather have free music. Now you don’t even have to download songs if you want to hear them, you can just go to youtube and listen to your favorite song there. The record industry has lost money cause of this but i don’t see how anyone is going to convince paying for music is better then getting it for free.

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