Discovering Something New

Have you ever readied something and didn’t quite grasp the mood of what the message is about. While In Today reading Parlik, John V. (2008) media in the Digital Age new York: Columbia University Press, pretty much put me in a big pickle, until I read it again. Mr. Parlik talk about how establishment of producers of Digital media came to be. I’ve learned that text, audio, video, media all came form different source or producers of content. Produce of content are group of people who are very similar to gate keepers. In this new chapter of mankind through this establishment of produces of Digital media by taking text, audio,video, media have create a world through a looking glass. which produce happen to be inspire by the World Wide Web. ” with the advent of the World Wide Web as a medium of public communication in the 1990’s, there has been a exponential increase in the diversity of sources of media production, especially those dealing with text and graphics” (Parlik 79) This quote shows the producers of Digital Media came to place with the idea, and how it inspire many due to the diversity of many people viewpoints, also taking the audiences to be inspire by new ideas and etc. I’ve found this article very intersting the second time I’ve read it, I’ve learn “There is no comprehensive and current programming guide for online televison and video” This qoute shows that there are no guides in online television and video which I have found to be very hard to understand. The second reason for this artcile being instresting is I never know what HBO and A&E stood for until now Home Box Office and Art & Entertatinment. Question#1:Mr. Parlik talk about how “There is no comprehensive and current programming guide for online televison and video” , why don’t produces of Digital medias of oline television and video come together and set up a program, so in many ways life is more easier in geting information?


One response to “Discovering Something New

  1. You’re right, Lynn, it would be much easier if there were a “comprehensive guide to online television and video,” as Pavlik suggests. I wonder if the reason there isn’t one is that these media are produced by different corporations, and corporations don’t usually cooperate on projects like that? Just like with texts, there’s so much information out there on video that it can be hard to find what we need.

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