Zine World

I read three articles on zines. I’m assuming its a modernized form of the common magazine, found now online. Zines, pronounced “zeens” are non-commercial, published press releases; as I’ve interpreted this new form of info enlightenment. There are all sorts of Zines, just like magazines. Zines consist of thousands of categories and subject matters imaginable. Zines connect people with similar interests in the form of discussion boards, event planners, etc., a gathering of the minds, so to speak, with creative artists in the music field, education field, how-to-fix-er up-er field and you have a name for it field! Categories are managed in what is called ” Zine distros.” People use zines as sounding boards and to produce new works of art for hopeful publication. Up-to date information of global events also contribute to information found in the Zine World. Information is gathered, written about, discussed, churned and debated in a virtual world online. 

Question: How does one join in on these online Zines? I found myself having some difficulty navigating in this type of format. Also, how can one discern if info on these Zines is accurate and reliable? Colleen K.


L Education

Subclass LH
LSubclass LH
LH1-9 College and school magazines and papers H1-9 College and school magazines and papers

L7-991                                   Education (General)

L7-97                                           Periodicals.  Societies


One response to “Zine World

  1. That’s a good question, Colleen. With zines that have an online component or community you may be able to post comments or register to join the community. But for physical (print) zines you’d need to get in touch with the author(s) individually, I would guess.

    Regarding accurate and reliable information, definitely use the same criteria to evaluate what you read in zines as you would for any other information source. Good questions to ask include: who is the author/organization producing it, what are their credentials and agenda, can you find the information in another reliable source, what is the purpose for publishing the information?

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