New Technologies

New Technologies

As time pasts, new technology has being created new advantages and disadvantages had come with it. Technological advance had revolutionized the media and journalism, one of the first invents was the photography. The daguerreotype was an early form of photography developed in France, this technology was considered “one of the most beautiful discoveries of the age”, and this device helped to publish not only the text but also the images that enriched and made more credible the chronicle.

News Media has being shrinking for different reasons, but at the same time these reasons could being improve. New portable recording devices would improve the way a reporter records, edit, and transmits the story. New Technology can also help to reduce costly meetings between editors and reporters, in this case using a high-speed wireless internet will contribute to save money. 

 New Audiences and new technology had also disadvantaged the News Media, for example people posting weblogs, videos, photography , e-mails anything you want to be inform, the internet would able to provide you. Another disadvantage is that video or photo can be manipulate easily and the true fact can be distorted.  

The innovation of New Technology affects different areas: audiences and the manner they get the information and how fast they can receive it, reporters and they record and reproduce such information and the most important how trustworthy the information is for the audience.

Do we need any News Media to be accurately informed of a situation?


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